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            Welcome to our website!

            You think of a sleeping beauty, the original can do!


            He said a top ten up sleep, sleep Bon appetit full of beauty sleep will not only allow you to eliminate fatigue, refreshing, but also to promote metabolism, so get enough rest to restore skin firmness


            However, beauty sleep is not easily able to sleep out here is not small edge knowledge, let Detailed Xiaobian to imperial Tell me about it ~

            Before going to bed can do the following 5:00, the morning radiant yo ~


            1. Do not eat too full dinner


            2. Bedtime rid of face makeup capacity


            3. Note that the skin care, such as oily skin, be sure to remove face oil


            4. Use hot feet, and promote blood circulation


            5. A cup of milk, fall asleep easily

            Do not forget also need to go to bed early Oh ~

            Imperial Qingdao Huaren Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
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