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            Secretary Wang Guoqiang Chinese medicine: Chinese medicine research should be a national science and technology strategy

              Tu Yo Yo discovery of artemisinin, was awarded the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, traditional Chinese medicine at home and abroad has aroused heated debate. However, Chinese medicine study Chinese mainland still faces many difficulties and problems, for which the CPPCC National Committee, deputy director of the National Health and Family Planning Commission, the State Administration of Traditional Secretary Wang Guoqiang recommended to Beijing on the 11th, the innovative research of Chinese medicine to enhance the inheritance national science and technology strategy.

              Wang Guoqiang in the second session of the CPPCC National Committee held four meetings on the day of the plenary session bluntly, traditional Chinese medicine (including national medicine) is an original Chinese scientific and technological resources advantages, but facing a single innovation in medical technology, research and innovation platform for scientific and technological innovation decentralized body , inadequate investment in scientific and technological innovation, technological innovation-oriented departing, and many other issues. At the same time, a number of large pharmaceutical companies has developed and increased drug development of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine the first to discover new drug resources, the first international patents registered Chinese medicine, to seize market opportunities.

              For example, he said, "Twelve Five" period, China's "significant Drug Discovery" special invested a total of about 40 billion yuan, a year only Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical R & D investment, which invest funds CHINESE DRUG create only about one-third. Chinese medicine R & D investment a percentage of sales is about 1-2%, while the proportion of leading international pharmaceutical companies is 10-20 times the Chinese medicine enterprises.

              He therefore suggested that the innovative research of Chinese medicine inherited as an important aspect of national science and technology strategy, develop national inheritance and innovation of traditional Chinese medicine program. Under the National Science and Technology Plan (projects, funds, etc.) joint meeting of the management framework, established in consultation with the Harmonized System medical technology, accelerate the construction of medical research management professional bodies.

              Wang Guoqiang called around major human health problems in a number of large projects concise medical technology innovation, the use of modern science and technology and traditional Chinese medicine research methods, carry out multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary joint research, a number of original output, leading, pioneering of major scientific and technological achievements.

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